Social Media Outlets

8 Sep

Week One TOW 4333

Which types of social media you currently participate in (such as blogging, podcasting, social networking, etc.), which platforms you use, and why?

In the past, which was two or three years ago, I was not interested in the social networking as much because I had so much going on that I did not have time to add on one more item to my list. My thinking was, “Why, after a long day at school and work would I want to then be on a computer again?”

However, after living out of state from my home in Pittsburgh, PA I wanted to keep in touch with those friends I have made from TX, FL and some other states that I finally upgraded from a MySpace page I had in High School and took the big step to enter the world of Facebook.

On top of Facebook I have a twitter account, but did not use it that often because I did not have text messaging on my phone. Finally, in less then a month ago I got text messaging on my phone. Shocking I know!

Well, being a college student and still being on the family plan with my parents I would rather have a phone that was paid for since I am paying my way thru college, then go off that plan just for texting. However, a month ago that miracle happened where I was able to clearly express the importance of texting to my parents where in the end texting is now a part of my life.

From MySpace to Facebook to Twitter to the next stop of blogging, my adventure of social networking continues. I am so excited to start blogging! This is my first post of blogging which I have had to ask many questions to get to this point, but it is worth it.


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