Persuasive Writing

9 Sep

Chapter 2 Reading Notes COMM 4333

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Becoming a Persuasive Writer

It has been around more than 2,000 years ago with the Greeks who called it rhetoric.

Persuasion is used to to change peoples views on a certain topic.

The Basics of Communication

  • Sender
  • Message
  • Channel
  • Receiver

Theories of Communication

  • Media Uses and Gratification
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Framing
  • Diffusion and Adoption
  • Hierarchy of Needs

Factors in Persuasive Writing

  • Audience Analysis
  • Source Credibility
  • Appeal to self Interest
  • Clarity of Message
  • Timing and Context
  • Semantics
  • Symbols, Slogans, and Acronyms

Persuasive Speaking and Propaganda

  • Plain Folks
  • Testimonial
  • Bandwagon
  • Card Stocking
  • Transfer

Ethics of Persuasion: Do not use untrue material or misrepresent evidence to support a point of view.


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