Legal Hassles

9 Sep

Chapter 3 Reading Notes COMM 4333

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Avoiding Legal Hassles

Once a writer understands the legal concepts, then they know in what bounds they can write.

Libel vs. Defamation

“Libel is injury to reputation. Words, pictures or cartoons that expose a person to public hatred, shame, disgrace or ridicule, or induce an ill opinion of a person are libelous.”

How to avoid defamation = watch your language.

Invasion of Privacy

  • Employee Newletters
  • Photo Releases
  • Product Publicity and Advertising
  • Media Inquiries About Employees
  • Employee Blogs
  • Virtual Online Communities

Copyright Law

  • Fair Use vs. Infringement
  • Photography and Artwork
  • Work for Hire
  • Copyright Issues on the Internet

Trademark Law

  • Protection of Trademarks
  • Misappropriation of Personality

Regulatory Agencies

  • FTC (Federal Trade Commission), SEC (Securities and Exchange), FCC (Federal Communications Commission), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms).

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