Understanding Media

9 Sep

Week One TOW 2322

Using the three-pronged approach (above), what are your reactions to the NewsU Course you took on Understanding Media: Processes and Principles?

1. Learned: I never realized that the number one place I go to find information is the Internet. Presently, the Internet is such an easy accessible source, unlimited resources, open to everyone, and all a person needs is a computer to access it. These are the reasons why I go to the Internet first to find media messages about different topic.

2. Surprised: The item that surprised me the most is in advertisements because there are some many different persuasion techniques that can be used in one commercial. When people look at a commercial that is thirty seconds long, some people think it only took 10 minutes to make that commercial. However, the truth is it took that producer many hours to create that thirty second commercial. In the planning process of creating that commercial, the producer can incorporate many of those persuasion techniques as to why the consumer needs to buy their product.

3. Learn more about: I would like to learn more about producing movie trailers. I have always enjoyed going to the theaters to see the next new movie. However, the number one thing that ruins a movie for me is when the trailer shows all the funny scenes. It gives off the appearance that this comedy is going to very humorous and it was for that one minute clip. Otherwise, I already saw all the funny parts to the movie. Why did I even come to see it? I came because I believed the message the movie trailer gave me about how funny the movie was going to be to see. In essence, the movie trailer did its job. It got me in that theater seat to see that movie whether it showed me all the funny parts or not.


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