Publix or Publics?

9 Sep

Week Two TOW 2322

What is a “public”? Which publics are you a member of? How did you choose to become a member of those publics?

A public according to Wikipedia “Publics are small groups of people who follow one or more particular issue very closely. They are well informed about the issue(s) and also have a very strong opinion on it/them.” Basically, a public are people who consistently are in the know about a particular topic.

I would not say I am a member of any particular public because of the season of life I am in where I am in school full time, working part time, planning a wedding full time, and planning events. I do frequently keep up with the topics that are presented on the Drudge Report. I like to go to this world news reporting, website to keep up to date on world news. Plus, during election times I keep up with the election of what each candidates stand for on certain topics.

Plus, I enjoy reading the Sunday paper. I like to look through the Sunday paper to see any articles that look interesting from serious stories to the comics. All of which keep me in the loop of what other publics think about certain topics. I do have firm beliefs on certain topics such as abortion, death penalty, and other topics. I guess that could make me part of those publics. As I said before that this season in my life is very consumed by other things, yet I still keep informed with what is going on around me.

I think it is very important to be informed about our world from the community level to the national level to the global level. I know if I wanted to join a public I could by becoming a donor to that organization or volunteering my time as well.


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