Evolution of Public Relations

11 Sep

Chapter Two Reading Notes COMM 2322

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

The Evolution of Public Relations

  • Ancient Beginnings – Rosetta Stone, Olympic Games
  • Middle Ages – Roman Catholic Church
  • Early Beginnings in America – New World / Sir Walter Raleigh
  • America 19th Century – Press agents (Phineas T. Barnum)

Age of Pioneers: 1900 to 1950

  1. Samuel Insull – monthly customer magazine
  2. Henry Ford – America’s first major industrialist. Notion of positioning and interview by press.
  3. Teddy Roosevelt – news conferences and press interviews for promoting projects.
  4. Ivy Lee: First Public Relations Counsel which was the combination of public criticism  and labor strife. He counseled organizations and companies.
  5. George Creel – newspaper reporter. He united the nation to influence the world’s opinions on WWI.
  6. Edward L. Bernays – father of modern public relations.

Transformation of the Field

  • Multicultural world
  • Public Demand for transparency
  • Expanding Role of PR
  • Managing the 24/7 cycle
  • Fragmentation of Mass Media
  • Rise of Social Media
  • Out sourcing to PR Firms
  • Need for Lifelong Learning

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