Ancient Beginnings Era

11 Sep

Week Four TOW 2322

If you could work in an era of PR history (from a time before you were born), which one would it be? What interests you most about this era and why?

I would have wanted to have worked in the ancient beginnings era. This era is clearly way before I was born. I would want to have worked in this era because it is where public relations all started. I want to see howit was fro the beginning.

The reason why this era interests me is because I have always wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyramids. But more than that, I think it would be so amazing it see it from the beginning an be apart of the founding techniques.

Furthermore, my family is from Greece and in this era there are the Greek Olympics. Julius Caesar was one of the first politicians to really demonstrate public relation techniques. For example, he would organize parades when the soldiers and him would return fro battle. Plus, he would have clerks make notes of what happened in Senate meetings.

In these ancient beginnings, there was also the Rosetta Stone. The Rosette Stone basically was the key to uncover Egyptian hieroglyphics. Once those hieroglyphics were interpreted, it was a record of all of pharaoh’s accomplishments.

Overall, I love this era because it was the time of the Olympic Games in Greece, the Rosetta Stone, Caesar, and Saint Paul. All of these people or events are still talked about today and have truly impacted our world. It is history that has not been forgotten that is why I would have liked to go back to this era. The only downside of me going back in this era is the fact of treatment of women in some cultures, but that does not faze me. The ancient beginnings is where I would want to be in public relation history.


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