Ethics and Professionalism

18 Sep

Chapter 3 Reading Notes COMM 2322

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

3 Basic Value Orientation

  1. Absolute – either right or wrong
  2. Existential – decisions based on immediate choice (Aristotle: balance)
  3. Situational – decisions base don what would cause the least harm or good. (John Stuart Miller: utilitarian)

Role of Professional Organizations

  • (PRSA) Public Relations Society of America – largest national pr organization, NY City, 22,000 members, workshops and seminars.
  • (IABC) International Association of BUsiness Communicators – second largest pr organization, headquarters in San Francisco, 15,000 members, lifelong learning opportunities.
  • (IPRA) International Public Relations Association – third pr organization, London, 1,000 members, provide intellectual leadership to meet professional responsibilities.

Professional Codes of Conduct

  1. Legal
  2. Ethical
  3. Good Taste

Ethical Dealings with News Media

  • Gifts – contaminate free flow of accurate information
  • Public trusts journalists who are objective.
  • Transparency of accepting payment from third parties is very important.


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