Beginning PR Career Department vs. Firm

25 Sep

Week Five TOW 2322

Based on what you read in Chapter 4 of your Public Relations Strategies & Tactics book, do you think it’s more beneficial for a new PR practitioner to begin his/her career in a PR department or in a PR firm? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

A public relations practitioner has both worlds of public relations they can enter to begin their career. There is the public relations department or the public relations firm each have their advantages and disadvantages.

In my opinion, I think I would like to start off in a public relations firm in order to get the best training in the public relations field. Plus, working at a firm there are so many sources you can pull credible information from about the company and the networking relationships are so broad.

If I would start in a public relations department my sphere of contacts and training are limited because the international relationships would be starting from ground zero. Furthermore, a firm has specialists in writing, speech-writing, etc. that devote all their time and expertise. The firm provides the variety of skills that are needed in public relations.

I think further down the road in the public relations career, it would be more beneficial to then work for a public relations department because you become the expert on the company and really can devote all your energy into the business because who knows the business better but you.

At this point, you have already worked at the public relations firm gathered the best skills, have a broad networking group, know where to get credible information and are equipped to know one company in and out. I think after being at a firm then it would be great to move into a public relations department.

Being in the public relations department, you have the time to get the strong direction by the top executives in order to make decisions on specific goals or objectives. In the public relations department, you are ultimately giving the company what they need because you understand how the company works internally and externally from first hand experience.


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