Run 4 One – Raising Awareness for Human Trafficking

25 Sep

PR Connection 4333

Today was the first annual RUN 4 ONE 5k Race where runners came to raise awareness for human trafficking. The race started at 9 am this morning at Loyce Harper Park on Carter Rd in Lakeland, Fla.

There were two categories that people could participate; the 5k runners or the 1k walkers all of them were running or walking to raise awareness for human trafficking that happens right here in our community and around the world.

The fee to run was $20 which all proceeds will go to Project Rescue and Pearl Alliance who are two organizations that work first hand with human trafficking victims.

At Loyce Harper Park this morning, there were about 25-30 people who were running the 5k and about 20 people who were walking the 1k. These people realize that this issue is not just something that happens overseas but here in our own communities.

According to the International Labor Organization, “32 billion dollars are made every year off of the bodies of young girls and women in sex trafficking.” This is not a minor issue. People are literally being sold as sex slaves from their own homes. What are we doing about it? There is more to life then going to a 8am-5pm job, watching the latest TV shows, and having dinner with the family. What about these young girls and women who are in the human trafficking industry and do not know what it is like to sit down and eat dinner with the family?

Some further statistics are the United Nations found, “Over 12 million people worldwide are trafficked for forced labor or sexual exploitation.” The United States, Department of States says, “80% are female and 50% are children….the majority are forced into commercial sex trade.” Polaris described, “Modern-day slavery is said to be the second largest criminal industry in the world.” Let’s remember this issue is happening right in our own neighborhoods and across the world. What will we do about it? These people today took the first steps to raise awareness about human trafficking. Let’s take the next step and get involved with these organizations.


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