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30 Sep

Blog Comments Nov. 15

6 Day Skyscraper

I do not even know if I would stay in a hotel that was built in six days. How did they even pass inspection? Or get all the paper work to clear? I guess, they are really efficient. I applaud them to be able to get that task done so quickly. It looks like such a great structure. It can even withstand level 9 earthquakes. I might be skeptical of it now, but if that earthquake comes, I will probably be running to this building to take cover. Oh the irony of it all.

Blog Comments Nov. 15

Chapter 9 Notes – Radio and Television

This is so true that as college students this time of year, we are short on time to get all our assignments or what not done. I cannot wait until Thanksgiving break and being able to unwind. Hopefully, I will get to catch up on some TV shows that I have not been able to see the rest of the season yet. The TV shows or radio programs that do get my attention follow the tip you mention about timeliness. If it is not relevant, then I am not going to waste my time listening to it. Such as, why are Christmas ads up before Halloween or even Thanksgiving?

Blog Comments Nov. 15

Help for Haiti

I am so excited for the you and the team to be heading to Haiti in less than five days! I cannot wait for to hear all the stories and what happened on the trip. I will be praying for you all when you are gone. It is so neat to see how God has and is providing for you guys! I cannot even imagine what the people of Haiti have been going through and I hope that we do not forget that it will still take many more years for them to rebuild it all once again.

Blog Comments Nov. 15

My Bags Are Packed

This class was such an interesting time to be abel to explore other cultures and how they do things as well. I have been blessed to be able to go to Mexico this past summer. It was really neat to be able to enter a whole different culture. One of my part of that culture in Mexico is the afternoon ciesta. That is when everyone comes back for lunch and then takes a nap because the heat is so strong and it is time to be with family.

Blog Comments Nov. 15

4-Year-Old Sued????

What a crazy situation. I cannot believe that they are trying to sue two four year olds and then their parents. It was an accident and she happened to hurt her hip. These two little kids by accident hit the 87 year old woman. I know they could offer to pay for the medical bills, but to sue the kids that just seems like something else is really happening behind the scenes. Or is it that people do not know how to communicate like adults and decide that it is easier to just sue somebody.

Blog Comments Oct. 27

TOW 6. Newsworthy , Or Snooze Worthy

It is important to write about things people would want to know about. You had a great example about if a person gets hit by a car, it is not as big of a story as compared to if someone famous got hit by a car. Plus, as a writer or journalist try to write about topics that are current. Timing is everything. If you become the person that gets the story out quick and its also correct, then people will probably start looking for your name on things as a credible source. For journalists, I am sure that is must be a greta feeling knowing that there is someone out there waiting to read your next article. 🙂

Blog Comments Oct. 27

Reality TV – Reality? or a Hollywood Audition?

You presented the shows and told the history of the shows in a very good light. I would not say it is a “soap box-ish” but merely giving the history of how people have come from TV shows to more publicity or even a well-known actress. It is really interesting how social media really does play a huge part in the world today. So many people’s voices can be heard at once. Personally, I do not have the time to follow that many people on Twitter, but it does make your “everyday” person feel like they really know a celebrity if you can follow a celebrity on Twitter or even tweet them as well.

Blog Comments Oct. 27

Lebron Strikes Back

For whatever reason, I could not get the video to play. It was chopping in and out.  I wish I could have seen the new commercial with Lebron in it. You made a good point that at the end of the day it is still your decision of what to do. Step up and take responsibility for your own choices. There will always be people who like the choices you make and people who do not like that choices you make. I know that is common sense, but why do we get upset sometimes when people do not agree with us if we already know that truth? In the end, we have to live with the choices we make and take responsibility for them. So my answer to your question is no, I do not think that his video helps his image at all, but puts him further into the hole.

Blog Comments Oct. 27

Starbucks Launches It Very Own Digital Network

That is such a great move on Starbucks part to create a new look for themselves. It definitely looks more chic and professional. The nice thing now is that I have found more Starbucks allowing you to have free Wi-Fi. I know here in Lakeland, Fla. it seems as if most of them offer free Wi-Fi, but from other places I have been to most of the time I would have to pay for it.  The My Starbucks Idea tab is a great connecting tool. It is a place where customers can submit their ideas to Starbucks. Why not have that tab on their, so now as a company they can know what their customers are really wanting. I best part, in my opinion, is that they have all the coffee’s listed there where you can purchase them online and the menu. I know if you are an avid coffee drinker you probably do not need the menu anymore. I am one of those people who do still.

Blog Comments Oct. 27

Learning to Lead

This Lead Lab sounds really great to do. After reading your post, it makes me want to take it myself. That is really neat that they touched on tension because the theme for the Leadership Conference called Catalyst was “Tension is Good”. I know you know that because we were there together. You made a great point about tension not being so much conflict, but tension being competition. In any healthy market, you have to have competition. Otherwise, if you are the only source of something, then the prices can be as high or low or maybe there is not that great of demand either. Last but not least, it is always a good reminder to read your lead aloud.

Blog Comments Oct. 27

10 Tips to Writing a Feature Story

It is definitely important to gather all the information. Not just gather information, but accurately gather the information. With gathering information, I think it was good how you mentioned to gather all background information and then organize all the material. If you start writing, but do not know where you are trying to get, then your point does not come across as strong. Plus, it is always good to outline your paper before writing. It will flow a lot better if you can see it from beginning to end. Lastly, the tip you made about having an attention grabbing headline is important. You can have a great article, but if your headline stinks, then people will not ever get to the story.

Blog Comments Oct. 27

Testing, Testing 1-2-3. Is This Thing On?

PR OpenMic is a great tool for networking in the public relations world. I definitely agree with you that this site is great for students. It almost acts like a bridge between the college world and entering the professional world for students. But also, is a bridge for those who are already in the professional world to know what is happening currently as well and to help train or equip new employees as well. They were once at the bottom of the totem pole as well. Plus, PR OpenMic does allow possible employees to review things of a potential hires.

Blog Comments Oct. 26

My Interview with Manager of PR

This sounds like a great interview! I like the point about a company needing one point person or spokesperson. If too many people are trying to comment on an issue, then it can get confusing. It can even make your company look like it does not know what they are doing. That is the last image any company is trying to portray. Plus, I am sure it can get wearing after a while always having to fix problems or take care of “misquotes”, but that is why you have to have a positive attitude about your job. You have to enjoy your job or at least make the best of it.

Blog Comments Sept. 30

Chase Jarvis is an amazing photographer

That is really cool that he can have that many blogs and is so open to the public. Timing is everything. If he can respond to someone’s question quick enough it shows that he cares and makes that person feel valued. In any business, you need people that help with the image of the company. In Chase’s case, he sees that being transparent is the best route and so far it has proven to be true.

Blog Comment  Sept. 30

School Supplies!

I definitely agree with you that back to school shopping was such a fun time that I would look forward to as well. But, even more importantly is the fact of how we use those supplies. I like the point mentioned about how people think that when they erase something online they think it is forever gone. However, that is not true. It is never really forever gone. If you are a PR student be comfortable with yourself where you can develop your “own brand.”

Blog Comment  Sept. 30

The Gap – My Fortune 500 Project

I have seen the Gap with the Red shirts for Africa. I think it is really great when companies give back to other causes. You always dress so cute! I think you would be great for this company too!! I love the sales that the Gap will have especially on black Friday over Thanksgiving.

Blog Comment Sept. 30

What Was She Thinking?

Meat dress. That is pretty much all you have to say to get anyone’s attention. I wonder who came up with that idea? It seems like a first? Right? I mean how many other people decide to wear a meat dress in a day and age where animal rights are so prevalent. I give her props for going thru with it. My one questions I would like to ask her is didn’t it smell or feel heavy?

Blog Comment Sept. 30

Oh No! What Are We All Going to Do Without Facebook?!?….Tweet? 🙂


I think it is one of those things in the social media world is the next big thing that comes out people want to be apart of it. MySpace has been replaced with Facebook. It would not be a surprise if Facebook gets replaced by Twitter. When new technologies come out people want to at least know about it and once they understand how to use it and see others doing it, then they want to as well.

Blog Comment Sept. 30

Katy Perry gets back at Elmo

I don’t think it was an appropriate choice of attire for a children’s show. Clearly, there is a mesh material across her chest, however, there is still nothing left to the imagination. I wonder why they had to pick an outfit that shows all of her cleavage? Plus, it is not only the top but it is a short skirt on it too. In the business professional world, skirts normally have to be knee length and this one is not even close. She does a great job at acting and high energy for kids but clothing options can definitely be changed.

Blog Comment Sept. 10

The Taco Bell Target

I love Taco Bell! They used to do once a year they would give out tacos for really cheap prices. Not that they are not that inexpensive now. I think that is a great idea to have a target that big. Too bad they did not hit the target in the middle for a bulls eye! Plus, their prices are very reasonable for college students too!


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