To be in the News or Not to be in the News?

2 Oct

Week Six TOW 4333

What makes a story newsworthy?

A story makes the news if it has some of the elements that we discussed this week in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques book. One of those elements that makes a story newsworthy is timeliness. If a person is trying to get their story in the news but the event happened three weeks ago or a long period of time ago the story is not really relevant news anymore. Stories need to be published before an event happens or as close as possible as it occurs.

Another element that make a story newsworthy is prominence. Prominence means that there is a pop star or some prominent or well known figure that the story is reporting. For example, the sitting President of the United States of America or the lead Hollywood actor in the industry.

One of my favorite elements that makes a story newsworthy is unusualness. These stories are so bizarre that they are now newsworthy. One example we see of this is when Lady Gaga wears a dress made out of meat. This display of material has never been worn before and probably for good reason. It is so unusual that clearly people will talk about it or want to hear about it.

Lastly, just to mention some other elements that make a story newsworthy are significance, human interest, conflict, newness and  proximity. All of these factors make news because they pertain to certain issues. For instance, newness is referring to all the latest developments that are happening. Often these stories will use the words “new” and “free”. Who does not like to get free stuff? The question is “Is it really free?” Nowadays, that word is used to just get a person interested and then they find out it is not really free. If a story contains one of these elements then it will more than likely make the news.


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