Program Planning

3 Oct

Chapter 6 Reading Notes COMM 2322

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

Program planning is the second step to following Research. (RACE – “A” stands for action and that is what planning is doing taking action.)

Approaches to Planning

  • Management by Objective
  1. Client/employer objectives
  2. Audience/publics
  3. Audience objectives
  4. Media channels
  5. Media Channel objectives
  6. Sources and questions
  7. Communication strategies
  8. Essence of the message
  9. Nonverbal support
  • Strategic Planning Model: Facts/Goals/Audience/Key Message pg. 153-154)

Elements of a Program

  1. Situation – organization must conduct a remedial program to overcome a problem or negative situation, conduct a one-time specific project to launch a new product or reinforce an ongoing effort to preserve its reputation and public support.
  2. Objectives – establish these for the program. (informational and motivational)
  3. Audience – who are they?
  4. Strategy – how objective is to be achieved
  5. Tactics – nuts and bolts or tactical part of the plan.
  6. Calendar/Timetable – timing of the campaign, scheduling tactics and compiling a calendar.
  7. Budget – how much will it cost?
  8. Evaluation – analysis of how key message points were mentioned.

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