3 Oct

Chapter 5 Reading Notes COMM 2322

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

The Importance of Research

Research is a form of listening. Before any public relations program can happen, information has to be gathered and data collected and interpreted.

Using Research

  • To achieve credibility with management
  • To define audiences and segment publics
  • To formulate strategy
  • To test messages
  • To help management keep in touch
  • To prevent crisis
  • To monitor the competition
  • To sway public opinion
  • To generate public opinion
  • To measure success

Research Techniques

Secondary Research – uses existing information in books, magazine articles, electronic databases, etc.

Quantitative Research – more expensive but reaches larger population of people. Ex. Presidential Elections

  1. Random Sampling
  2. Sample Size

Qualitative Research – provides “red flags” with strong adverse responses occur. It gives the researcher rich insights of a situation to a target audience.

  1. Content Analysis
  2. Interviews
  3. Focus Groups
  4. Copy Testing
  5. Ethnographic techniques

Secondary Research – archival research, Library and online databases and the Internet and World Wide Web.

Questionnaire Construction

  • Carefully consider wording
  • Avoid loaded questions
  • Consider timing and context
  • Avoid politically correct answer
  • Give range of possible answers
  • Questionnaire Guidelines

How to Reach Respondents

  1. Mail questionnaires
  2. Telephone surveys
  3. Personal interviews
  4. Omnibus surveys
  5. Web and e-mail surveys

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