Twitter Experience

3 Oct

Week Seven TOW 4333

One week of Twitter for me is not exactly true because last week in another public relations class we had this one week of Twitter. Technically, this could be called the second week of Twitter!! I have had a Twitter now for almost a year, but I have not had texting on my phone until this past August. As a result, I was not “in the loop” on Twitter as much because I was not able to receive the text updates that you can get on your phone. Fortunately, from learning to use Twitter last week I have been able to sync my phone with Twitter so that I can receive the Twitter updates on my phone and then leave a post as well. It has been really fun to network and be able to share experiences or knowledge with other people as well.

It is like a snowball where at first it is hard to get it going, but then it gets bigger and bigger. In the beginning, I felt like I was just talking to myself probably because I was for the most part. Then, once I could find my other friends on Twitter it was easier to use this social network because there were things to talk about.

I have not received those tweets from people talking about mundane events in their life such as I am about to take a nap or walk to class. I do have to say that I enjoy the part of Twitter where you can find out good ideas from other people of where to go on Friday night because someone will tweet an event. I would not have known about the event if they did not tweet it. I guess, Twitter is a way to market things as well whether on purpose or not.

The best part about it is you have to be straight to the point. Really, you have to make your tweets be 140 characters or less. It is the nature of the beast. On other social networking tools, people leave some of the longest posts ever to the point that I think why don’t they just pick up the phone and call that friend rather then write a book on someone’s wall. Or, if a post needs to be that long it probably should be a private message not for the everyone to see. I really enjoyed this one week of Twitter especially because I was at Catalyst Leadership Conference getting some great information that I could tweet about.  It was my first time to ever really engage in tweeting and following other people as well.


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