Catalyst Leadership Conference

12 Oct

PR Connection 4333

This year Catalyst Leadership Conference was held in Atlanta, GA on October 6-8 where leaders from all over the world come to glean wisdom and knowledge from some of the most innovative speakers. This was my first year to go and I am still so excited!

It was an amazing opportunity to hear over 15 different speakers from Andy Stanley to Beth Moore to T.D. Jakes and many more. The theme of this Catalyst Leadership Conference was Tension is Good. They had the whole audience of 13,000 people shoot a rubber band in the air to show that with tension it launches further. Likewise, when there is tension there is a point of growth that can launch you out.

One of my favorite pieces of information that I heard was from T.D. Jakes about being a leader. A leader is out leading the crowd on the front lines. Being out front makes it easier for other people to shoot at you from all sides. There will always be people that like what you are doing as a leader and people who dislike what you are doing as a leader. Regardless, the leader must still step out and lead because you cannot play it safe because the world is waiting on you.

Plus, I really enjoyed that Catalyst Leadership Conference gave the platform for raising human trafficking awareness. Christine Caine the founder of A21 Campaign told a story that when her group was able to rescue a woman from human trafficking that the woman’s response was, “Why didn’t you come sooner?” Christine Caine realized in that moment that there was no reason of why she could not have come sooner because the other things in life are not more important than rescuing other people.

Lastly, being a communication student I understood what a honored all of us Catalyst attendees had when we saw William Wallace who came on opening day of his movie The Secretariat which was October 8th, 2010. He was also the director of the movie Braveheart and many other must see movies.


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