Class Skyping with Richard Laermer

12 Oct

PR Connection COMM 2322

Richard Laermer is a renown public relations professional, CEO of RML PR, known as the “Media Guy”and writes the blog called Bad Pitch Blogs. He is involved with so many more things that the list would be very long. Today, in Barbara Nixon’s COMM 4333 class we had the opportunity to skype with Richard Laermer and ask him a variety of questions. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties we were not able to cover that much material with him. However, it was a great learning experience of what to do when technology fails you.

First, always test your equipment to make sure that it can work when the time comes. Professor Nixon made a test skype call and it worked great ahead of time. Then, make sure you have a back up plan. The back up plan for this class was to use the iPhone and just plug it into the speaker system in the classroom. This back plan even failed in the end. Initially, we could hear Laermer thru the speaker system, but then for some reason it cut out and would not work anymore. So what do you do when all technology fails even your back up plan fails?

You pull a Barbara Nixon. You make sure that you have the guest speaker’s cell phone number ahead of time, so that if anything goes wrong they are not left hanging. You prepare, test, run, test again, try and try again and when the technology fails you text them to keep them in the loop. But, when you realize it is just not going to work, you would want to not just send an e-mail to thank them for their time, but a written letter to thank them. I think today’s class was a huge learning experience because I am sure one day at least one of us from COMM 4333 will have this problem, but now we know what we can do in these situations.


2 Responses to “Class Skyping with Richard Laermer”

  1. Laermer October 16, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    Thanks for the great post. I enjoyed reliving our tech horrorshow. One thing: RLM PR. Not RML PR. Hope we get to successfully do something together!

  2. afurmage October 19, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    I was really looking forward to the interview with PR professional Richard Laermer during class last week. However, the technical difficulties we experienced were very frustrating. I felt so bad for Professor Nixon, who was super excited for the students to learn more about the PR industry. She tried to make sure everything was ready to go, but even after intense preparation, failure occurred.
    I think this was a great post on how you should always be prepared for the worst. Although Professor Nixon was upset, I actually left class having learned something. Like you said, always make sure you have the interviewee’s phone number and e-mail address. I also think it was cool that our class tweeted to Laermer during the crisis and he responded!

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