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13 Oct

Blog Comment  Nov. 15

Cover Model

It is good to see a company taking responsibility for their actions instead of trying to twist it to make them look good or like they are “right”. It is refreshing to actually see the customer in the right. I cannot tell you how many times I have ad to deal with customer care service especially during this wedding planning process and it just does not seem to exist. What has happened to taking responsibility for your mistakes? But anyways, I feel bad for Dean Sheremet’s divorce that is hard for anyone, but that does not mean she should be on the front cover glorifying her cheating.

Blog Comment Nov. 15

Thoughts on an Interview with Martin Waxman

I think that it is neat how you can be a president and co-founder of a major organization and then also be an adjunct professor as well. To be able to bring al that experience and advice into the classroom and really love what you are teaching. I have had professors who loved what they taught and it made me love the subject too even though it was not my major. I might just get my master’s so I can teach as well. 

Blog Comment  Nov. 15

Live it Up

That is so awesome that the students were able to create the music video for Group 1 Crew. I remember seeing them in concert. They brought so much energy to the stage and the audience. I am happy that Group 1 crew truly represents Christ and the quality that Christian artists should be at. I tried to play the video, but I guess the Internet is not working out to good right now. I want to watch it later. Thanks though for putting it up.

Blog Comment  Nov. 15

Doing Business in Japan

I think it would so neat to go to Japan one day. For one, it just sounds like such an exciting country to have that many people in one place. Plus, where else do you get to show how much you like the food by slurping? I went to a high school where we had a lot of cultures represented. it was always fun to talk about cultural differences and teach the new students how to transition into the American culture as well. If I do go Japan one day, I will make sure not to use the word “four” because it has a negative connotation and means death normally.

Blog Comment  Nov. 15

Doing Business Around the World

That was such a great time in class. It was out of the ordinary and I learned so much about other countries as well. I love to become more familiar with other cultures and learn how to live like them as well. The country that me and my group was assigned was Canada. Even though Canada is right next to the United States, there is still so much for us Americans to learn and appreciate about their culture as well. For example, Canada has two official languages. They are French and English.

Blog Comment Nov. 3

The McRib is Back

I have never eaten a McRib. So I definitely was not one of those people that requested it back by demand. Personally, I like ribs and I like McDonald’s but I am not so sure I would like them together. I will give any food a shot. So, I guess, until I try it, I have no comment on it. I will say one of my favorite things from McDonald’s is the hot fudge sundaes.

Blog Comment Nov. 3

Katy Perry and Russell Brand MARRIED!!

Elephant at the wedding! That is awesome. I am glad that there are celebrities that still get married and I wish this couple all the best and a wonderful marriage for life. I cannot even imagine a wedding in India. it sounds so romantic. Especially since that is where he proposed to her as well. I think it must be hard to be in the public eye all the time. I am sure that affects any relationship. But, hopefully, they have a good public relations professional to help them out as well.

Blog Comment Nov. 3

Monster Energy at SEU

I definitely think this was a great move on their part. Basketball games at a college campus is a great environment to promote energy drinks. With the atmosphere of the crowd’s energy during the game and then with a winning team that night, Monster definitely set up themselves up for success. I know that being a college student, I am not always sure what brands to buy or what not, but if you are going to give something away and I like it, then that is the brand I will stick with for a long time. Plus, being on a college campus, word spreads so fast amongst the students. Word of mouth alone will market your product, but also when you see tons of students walking around with the same thing it makes you want one as well.

Blog Comment Nov. 2

Tara Mullaney – PR Professional

That sounded like a great interview. I used work in that same industry and it is really neat to meet all the different kinds of people. You never know who will walk through the door. It seems like a common theme amongst public relation professionals that each week is different for them. Some carry multiple phones, live different hours every day and even travel all over the place. I liked how you set up this post with the questions listed and then the answer. It made it a lot easier to read.

Blog Comment Nov. 2

How to get Yourself Hired

I really enjoyed reading your post because it was clear to follow and easy to follow as well. It is so true that people do not read over there stuff anymore because if they did all those typos would not be there. I work in an office and I am just as guilty sometimes. it almost seems as if you have to get something done, but it is so important to double check. The point about being specific was very good. Make sure you know what you want to say before saying it or typing something. If you do not know where you are going with it, then maybe don’t do it yet. You would not get into a car and start driving if you didn’t know where to? Or would you? 🙂

Blog Comment Oct. 13

Are The Tabloids Glamorizing Teen Pregnancy?

This topic is one that cannot be ignored. Having a child is not for a moment but for a lifetime. This issue has to be addressed as to what image are we as a culture portraying to the younger generation. Teen pregnancy is not something that needs to be glamorized. It is very hard on a teen mother sometimes physically, mentally, and even emotionally to have a child at such a young age. I am not saying to demean a teen who is pregnant, but at the same time the reality is that these teen mothers are not ready to support a child because they cannot even support themselves a lot of the time.

Blog Comment Oct. 13

The Twitter Experience


I am right there with you on the whole Twitter experience. This was my first time as well being able to use Twitter to its maximum capacity and have fun with it. In the beginning, I felt like I was talking mostly to myself. The thing that helped the most was the fact of setting up text messaging with Twitter. Otherwise, the week would have been a flop because I am only on my computer for personal and school use at night and in the day I am at work and do not have the time to be tweeting. It is fun now to use Twitter and for lack of a better word “be in the social media loop” all the time. I was in the loop before, but now it is so instant.

Blog Comment Oct. 13

Airplane Safety: Lady GaGa Style

What a creative way to go through the safety procedures. When you are at an amusement park and the people come on the loud speaker to let you know the safety rules, you can barely understand them if at all. So why not try to keep people’s attention? If anything, maybe a video can be played along with the music so people can read the safety words along with the people demonstrating as well. I think the irony of this whole thing is the fact that the song playing is “Just Dance” and the last thing you can do on an airplane is dance.

Blog Comment Oct. 13

GAP Redesign Contest

I admire that GAP wanted to redesign their logo. However, according to the disclaimer that GAP had nothing to do with the contest it seems they played it safe. On one hand, it is a way to get the GAP name out there and just maybe a great logo could come out of it. On the other hand, they have no ties if it goes south and yet everyone will still hear about the GAP brand again. On a design level, I am surprised that the logo they chose was really the best one that they could come up with. I think it is good that GAP is sticking with the old logo.

Blog Commment Oct. 13

Sandra Bullock Files for Divorce


This is such a sad situation. It is hard to be a single parent and raise kid(s) by yourself. I think it is awesome that Sandra Bullock adopted a little boy on top of being a step mom to her ex husband’s kids as well. This story is a perfect example of what it is like to be a celebrity. That even when your family goes thru good times and bad times everyone else gets to know about it. Divorce is hard enough especially without having to think about what to say to the press or getting all these other people’s opinions on your life when they do not even know you as you, but just as the celebrity you. What I am trying to say is that the on lookers as just that on lookers. They have no real relationship to the celebrity.

Blog Comment Oct. 13

Wanna Know Where to Get a Job and Keep It?


I really enjoyed reading this post because it is senior year and here are some really great facts about cities around the country. Plus, the pictures are great visuals because otherwise it would be a whole lot of numbers and statistics. Out of all these cities which one would you like to live in the most? I was trying to decide which one I would like to live in and I think it would be Denver, CO because I like the projections, but I also have never been there before and just want to see it.

Blog Comment Oct. 13

If You Need A Job, then You Need A Resume


A resume is so important. Right now, my fiance and I are finding that out to be so true. If your resume is hard to read or has errors on it, then they probably will not even look at it no matter how qualified you may seem on paper. If there are spelling mistakes or what not, then that might take you out of the running from that job. I prefer the chronological order resume. It is simple and easy to follow. Plus, it shows how much time people have spent in certain places. Therefore, showing how much time and experience you have under your belt.

Blog Comment Oct. 13

Who wouldn’t want to smell like a monster?


This video is so funny. I used to watch the Old Spice commercials and Sesame Street did a great job of basing this video off of those commercials. Actually, just last week a friend of mine showed my one of the Old Spice commercials, so when I saw this video it was easier for me to understand where the humor was coming from. I mean, “Who wouldn’t want to smells like a monster?” Overall, Sesame Street did a great job of creating this video up to par with Old Spice commercials. It was very creative in one sense and on the other sense they borrowed the same idea.

Blog Comment Sept. 30

One week of Twitter

I was in the same boat as you were Kyla. I was not a real big Twitter person at all. Actually, this was my first week of tweeting. I do like how Twitter is more than letting people know what you ate and where you are, but if you follow other people there are some really insightful things posted. I like to follow some friends, pastors, and business people. I think I will keep up with Twitter even after this week is over. What about you?

Blog Comment Sept. 15

Justin Bieber makes up 3% of Twitter Traffic

I did not know that Justin Bieber made up 3% of Twitter traffic. I think I might just Twitter him and see if I get a “hello” response back if I Tweet “I wish Justin Bieber would say hello to me.” I wonder if it is him that tweets back. I am thinking that answer is no, but I could be wrong. I just think with five million followers on Twitter that keeping up with all those tweets is a full time job in itself. I wonder how Lady Gaga does it? Great job on picking this topic!
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