NewsU The Lead Lab Course

15 Oct

Week 8 TOW 4333

Last week, you took the NewsU The Lead Lab course. Using the three-pronged approach described at the top of this post, describe your reactions to this course. Remember to include a  hyperlink to the course, too.

Learned: I learned in this NewsU The Lead Lab Course of how to come up with and design better leads. The best thing to keep in mind when trying to write a lead is the five W’s and a H. The five W’s are what, who, where, when, and the H is how. All of these help you figure out what your story is going to be about. Plus, this course revealed the common myths about leads.

Surprised: Plus, this course revealed the common myths about leads. I was really surprise to read the myth that “Leads must never begin with a quote”. Personally, I thought they could begin with a quote which is actually right, but I did not realize how many people thought that a lead could not and now it is a myth buster.

Know more about: Lastly, I learned how to revise my own leads as well. I want to learn more about how to do it. In the end, I think that it is just going to take time and practice to get better at writing leads. After taking this course, I realize that as a writer you might think you have a great story to tell someone, but if they do not care about it, then really it was a waste of time. What I am trying to say is that the “so what” of lead writing is so important. Let’s make sure we ask ourselves the question of why should the reader care about this story? If we cannot even answer that question, then there is a pretty good chance that we should not write or publish the story.


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