Online Media Law: The Basics for Bloggers and Other Publishers

15 Oct

Week 8 TOW 2322

Using the three-pronged approach (above), what are your reactions to the NewsU Course you took on Online Media Law: The Basics for Bloggers and Other Publishers earlier this semester?

This NewsU Course may have been the very first one I took this semester. I had to go back and really take it again to refresh my memory, but going around the second time really made it stick better. It is actually a great reflection point because now I have been able to get more comfortable with blogging and understanding not only how it works, but see the value in connecting and sharing thoughts or ideas with other people.

Learned: I learned the different red flags between defamation, copyright infringement, and invasion of privacy. For instance, defamation is the injury to someone’s reputation when someone else publishes false things about that person. If you are the person that caused defamation to someone else there are ways to make it right. As the writer, you can make sure to use reliable sources, be willing to retract any of your mistakes and be more cautious when printing information that falls more negatively to one side.

Surprised: I was surprised to find out that privacy laws are actually much more strict than I thought them to be. The reason being, I guess, is we see celebrities lives displayed all over tabloids or talked about on TV, but as a writer or reporter make sure not to cross any privacy laws or lines for that matter. One way to avoid running into privacy laws is to get consent from the person first before printing the information.

Want to Know More About: I would like to learn more about different cases study because I enjoy reading history and the stories that it tells. Plus, you can learn a lot from reading these case studies. I am a visual and example learner so being able to finally read a real story about these topics ties all the other text together for me.


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