19 Oct

Chapter 8 Reading Notes COMM 2322

 Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

Evaluation – fourth step in the public relations process. It is the measurement of results against established objetives set during the planning process.

4-5% of budget is allocated to evaluations

Measurement of Production

  • Count how many news releases, feature stories, photos and letters produced in a given time.
  • Specify what the pr person should obtain during media coverage.
  • Distribution

Measurement of Message Exposure

   Media impressions – the potential audience reached by a periodical, broadcast program, or Internet Web site.

  1. Hits on the Internet
  2. Advertising Equivalency (AVE) – value of message exposure
  3. Systematic tracking – measured by sheer bulk.
  4. Requests and 800 numbers – compile number of requests for more information
  5. Return on Investment (ROI) – cost of reaching each member of the audience.
  6. Audience Attendance – counting how many people showed up.


Measurement of Audience Awareness and Attitude

  • day-after recall – people asked to view a specific TV show then the next day they are interviewed about it.
  • baseline study – measurement of audience attitudes and opinions before, during and after pr campaign.
  • benchmark studies – graphically show percentage difference in attitudes and opinions as a result of increased information and publicity.

Measurement of Supplemental Activities

  1. Communication audits – evaluate once a year at least
  2. Pilot and split messages – pre-testing before going national
  3. Meeting and event attendance – forms or ask attendees their thoughts
  4. Newsletter readership – evaluate annually
  • Content analysis
  • Readership Interest Surveys
  • Article Recall
  • Advisory Boards

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