Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

19 Oct

Chapter 8 Reading Notes COMM 4333

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Importance of Publicity Photos

  • need them for news releases and feature stories
  • Eye catching

Components of a Good Photo

  1. Technical Quality
  2. Subject matter
  3. Composition
  4. Action
  5. Scale
  6. Camera angle
  7. Lightning and Timing
  8. Color

Working with Photographers

  • Use a skilled photographer with professional experience
  • Have a file of photographers noting their fees and expertise
  • Make sure you have a contract
  • Plan ahead the photo session
  • Cropping – editing the photo by cutting off parts of the picture.
  • Retouching – done to alter the actual content of the photo.
  • Ethical considerations

Writing Photo Captions

  • Photo news releases – photos with longer captions that are given to the media with an accompanying new release.
  • Identify from left to right when two or more people in the picture.
  • Most important person should be mentioned first.

Creating Other Graphics

  1. Pie Chart – show part of total
  2. Bar Chart – comparisons between years, population, sales and prices
  3. Graph – showing changes over longer period of time.
  4. Diagrams – show how something works.
  5. Rendering and Scale models – show how the finished structure will look.
  6. Line Drawings and clip art – cartoons are this form.

Maintaining Photo and Art Files

  • Date of event when photo was taken
  • Releases from people portrayed
  • Compete names and titles of people shown
  • Name and address of photographer
  • Complete names and titles of people shown

Distributing Photos and Artwork

  1. Thumbnail
  2. Slightly bigger preview image
  3. Low resolution version
  4. High resolution (300 dpi)

Shotgun tactic – mail media kit that includes a CD that contains at least two files.

Electronic distribution – Business Wire, PRNewswire, MarketWire, or Feature Photo Service.


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