10 Tips that Make a Feature Story Compelling

21 Oct

PR Connection 4333

If you are like me and have never written a feature story before until this class, then finding great information on how to write a compelling feature story is your life line. That and also going to class. Let’s just start with the basics. What is a feature story?

According to the Business Directory a feature story is a “Non-time bound publicity material that can be used by the media at their convenience. It is presented usually as a human interest story and has more background information than a news release”. These stories can be pretty much about any topic within the bounds that many people would take interest in reading it.

Some topics to consider when writing your feature story could be writing a profile story about what someone did in the community or on a large scale. Maybe write about an event, exotic foods, favorite automobiles. It just needs to be “appealing and generally persuasive” (Ehow).

Here are the top 10 tips that make a feature story compelling:

  1. Look at other feature stories to get an idea of the style of writing and language usage.
  2. Brainstorm the topics and discuss them with other people to see if any of the topics grab their attention.
  3. Preparation, preparation, preparation. Make sure you collect and identify all your sources and information correctly. Otherwise, if you have plagiarized the paper it is not good to anyone and only hurts yourself.
  4. Come up with a creative headline. These are nice and short.
  5. Use active voice!
  6. Be culturally relative. Do not use any racial language or touch on sensitive issues. i.e. religion, culture, race.
  7. Humanize the story by adding in quotes.
  8. List tips by bullets points not numbers that can become overwhelming for the reader visually.
  9. Add pictures or graphics!
  10. Go out with a bang! Have a strong ending by giving out the facts!

Now you are ready to sit down and start writing your feature story. Wish you all the best!


Business Directory




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