The Blog Review – Sam Mooty

21 Oct

PR Connection 2322

The blog that wins the award in my book of being one that stands out from the others in our COMM 2322 class is Sam Mooty’s blog. You can visit it at He uses a variety of techniques to make his blog interesting to read and follow.

One of the techniques he uses is adding in visual aids. He has a picture or video inserted into his posts that correspond with the topic. As a fellow blogger, I understand the extra time it takes to search for those pictures or videos and then document them properly as well. As a blogger, you have to insert the links that go with the picture or video you post. That is one of the reasons why I chose Mooty’s blog because he went the extra mile.

Plus, Mooty exercises good judgment as to what topics he writes about. They are very interesting or even sometimes humorous choices. I like how his blog topics are not just all about health or politics, but he keeps up with current news or other interests. A couple of posts I would suggest others to read are:

  1. Too much love? a post about the show “Sister Wives” and how teh police are investigating them. He includes a video with it as well.
  2. Justin Bieber makes up 3% of Twitter another post that is current with the times.
  3. Era in PR

Lastly, I must say I cannot stand when you go onto another person’s blog and you cannot find anything on it. It just looks like words are everywhere. That is why organizing your blog is so important. Who cares if you can find everything on it, but if someone comes to your blog and they cannot navigate easily through it, then you might want to rethink the formatting.

Mooty has done a great job with organization. From easy to read reading notes, not reading notes that just as long as the text to clear titles and formatting to clear language usage. Overall, this blog is my number one pick for the blog review.


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