NewsU Course – Religion, Culture and Society: Getting Beyond the Cliches

22 Oct
Week 9 TOW 2322

Complete another NewsU course of your choice that you think would be beneficial for a public relations practitioner. What are your reactions to this course? Would you recommend it to other Journalism/PR students at Southeastern University? Why or why not?

Everyone has their own personal beliefs where they believe in something or nothing for that matter. Since religion, culture and society are all apart of life in some way, as a public relations practitioner you better understand how to go beyond the cliches. To go to the NewsU Course click here.
One of the best parts of this NewsU Course is in the introduction, “There’s hardly a story out there that doesn’t have a religion angle, and for that reason we’d argue that if you don’t have a basic understanding of how to report on religious movements, you’re not getting the full story.” If that is not straightforward enough for people to take the time and learn how to report, then maybe you should think somethings through first before writing.
In the beginning of the course, there is a randomize button you press that links you to the a story dealing with religion, culture and society. Click here to read the story and if you let your mouse scroll over the highlighted blue parts, then the correct way to have said the sentences comes up. I am definitely a visual learner when it comes to correcting sentences and to see the old next to the new helps me understand it better. Hopefully, that feature is beneficial to you as well.
Overall, I am a big fan to this course and would recommend it to other journalism and public relation students too. A final note I would like to make is this course also touches on the international element of being a journalist or pubic relations person. Click here to read the about what they have to say about international reporting. Do not forget the WWJD (what would journalist do?).

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