PR OpenMic

22 Oct

Week 9 TOW 4333

Create a profile at PR OpenMic, a social network developed by Auburn University’s Robert French. Connect with me there as a friend so that I know you have joined. Then for your topic of the week, describe what PR OpenMic has to offer to PR students and recent grads. Be sure to discuss at least three or four things you encounter at the site, and provide hyperlinks to the specific areas in the site for your readers.

PR OpenMic is a great tool for public relation students and recent grads because essentially it is like a “Facebook” for public relations students. What I am trying to specifically say is that PR OpenMic is a wonderful world for public relation students and recent grads to network. I just open up a PR OpenMic profile this week and I have been playing around with it to figure out how it works. You can search for people and add friends to reading other people’s work profile. The profile’s on PR OpenMic are along the lines of business more than personal.

I like how in the update box it says, “What;s on your mind about PR?” Clearly, an excellent tool to read or write about public relation topics, questions, etc. There are so many interesting posts to read. As a beginner OpenMic user, I used the search tool to find what the site was all about and how to use it to its full potential. Grant it, I am not there all the way, but I have found under the Job & Internship box a link that tells you exactly that, the current jobs and internships. Click here to follow the link.

One of my favorite parts of the PR OpenMic is the Music box on the right hand side of the page. There are over 50 podcasts to other things you can listen to it you want. Personally, I like to open it up and listen to it while I am checking through other mundane tasks on my computer. Or if you want, you can play it on your iphone or any device that has Internet while you are in the car. Here is a link to my profile.


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