Behind the Blog

29 Oct

Week 10 TOW 4333

In WordPress, go into your Dashboard and take a look at your stats. What kinds of things does the Site Stats page tell you? How would PR practitioners benefit for monitoring their own or their company’s blog?

It is interesting to see the different statistics from the blog. You can find all the statistics by going on the dashboard part of your blog if you have a word press blog. After looking over my blog, I found that the days people looked at my different posts were on the weekends primarily on Saturdays or Sundays. This makes sense because this is the time when people do not normally have work or other obligations that happen like their normal week.

Also, looking at the statistics I found that my highest day was 17 views and the lowest was zero. I think what contributes to those statistics is the fact that I just made this blog not too long ago because it was part of this class. Before that, I never had a blog or a desire to have a blog to tell the truth. I had so much going on that the last thing I thought I could add to my plate was managing a blog. It was nice that it was a requirement for the class because now it has become part of the time that I have allocated to class work. So in a way, school has given me an opportunity to make time for managing a blog.

Even after graduating, I would like to continue on with blogging because it is such a great way and an easy tool to keep long distance friends and business professionals updated. If a public relations practitioner used a blog for the company, they would definitely benefit by looking at the statistics. The reason being, they can see on the statistics what the people want or do not want for that matter. It can show them what to invest their time, money and resources into in order to run their business more efficiently.



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