Interview with Martin Waxman

30 Oct

Week 10 TOW 2322

Watch my interview with Martin Waxman. Use the three-pronged approach (described above) to react to the interview.

Learned: I learned that Martin Waxman found that there was a part of public relation’s agency life he didn’t like. So he built his public relation’s firm on these three principles: simplicity, energy and  integrity. They get to work with a lot of great companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Botanical Papers and many more. When they started the agency media relations was at the core, but because of social media being the  advocate it is, they are very involved with it.

Surprised: I was surprised that he found podcasting much more fun than writing. They actually record it on Sunday nights on Skype. I thought that was so interesting because it takes them only about 40 minutes in advance to talk about what they are going to talk about on the show. Plus, he also teaches college students a 14 week course about public relations. I do not know where he finds the time to do all of these tasks. I was very surprised by how the fortune 500 companies had so much chatter about them on social media channels. People really do talk about so many different aspects of the company. From the company side, they have to figure out if people are just griping about something or if there really is a problem that needs fixed.

Want to know more about: They were talking about that as an employer, they would be looking for all the traditional skills. The basics do not go away completely, but you still need to know them. Also, looking for people who have an understanding of social media. You should be following communications people. Do you know who they are? What they are about? Follow people and know what they are about. They are looking for a combination of traditional and social media. I want to learn more about each of these two types. The basics of public relations and the social media. I need to make sure I know the why.



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