4 Nov

Week 11 TOW 4333

Address several of the following questions about infographics. What are they? How could one be useful in a story for your client? How do you go about creating one?

Infographics are visual aids for companies, organization what have you. Pretty much, if you are trying to promote something, then infographics are a great tool to express data to your audience. They are very useful in a story for your client for a couple of reasons. Infographics are a great eye catcher where they grab the attention of your audience instead of just showing someone a bunch of written paper work.

Plus, they put things into perspective. You can show all the different opinions, results, data, etc. in one model. Otherwise you would have to write down all the different characteristics and then try to figure it all out. By that time, you have wasted so much time or even lost a potential client. Furthermore, inforgraphics help the presenter to tell the story better to the client. It is a great tool where you do not hav to look down at your notes and really go off of the infographics which help you talk with your audience than at them. What I am saying is it opens up conversation with the audience as opposed to you doing a monologue and them just listening.

The best way to go about creating an infographic is to begin by brainstorming. What is your point that you want people to know? What represents your product or organization? How can this infographic make all the data look simple? What are the variables? These are some of the questions to ask yourself when creating an infographic. A great illustration of an infographic is the one below where it is representing who drinks what types of coffee and how much for each.


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