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5 Nov

Frankie Cunningham: Answer Central

It has been said if you look at a person’s work desk then you are really looking at the person’s work method. How organized or unorganized the desk may be, it shows a pretty good reflection of a person’s work methods as well. Some people will leave a huge stack of disheveled papers on their desk and think that is ok to do. One the other hand, there are desks where everything has its place. I would say Frankie Cunningham is the latter of the two. He is a very organized and detailed oriented leader, which makes him thrive in the position of Lead Project Manager of the Student Body Leadership Council (SBLC) under the Campus Activities Department at Southeastern University.

Frankie first heard about SBLC from a friend when he entered Southeastern University as a freshman. He joined as a committee member and loved being apart of putting on the events. The following year, he applied for the assistant position and unfortunately did not get it at first. However, there were a few drop offs from the team and Frankie’s luck changed. He was accepted to be the assistant. From there, he learned how to not only put on events, but develop other leaders.

This position he is currently in is Lead Project Manager. This position has opened up a great opportunity for Frankie to be a developer instead of just planning events. In the two years that Frankie has been apart of SBLC, he has put on 17-20 events where he was there from the beginning to end. Plus, Frankie has overseen 25-30 events in the past two years being on SBLC.

Onlookers used to see Frankie as an OCD person. Little did they know that really what they saw as OCD was the strength that made all these events possible for those same people. Frankie explained his journey as one of a constant process. When he was younger, he really was OCD. As he allowed other higher leaders pour into his life, those extreme tendencies came to a happy medium of being detailed oriented. That is one of the primary reasons he wants to be able to call out others strengths as well and work or their weakness in a healthy environment.

Now Frankie is known as the “Answer Man”. If you need an answer about SBLC or even other events, then go to Frankie. He is your answer man. Unfortunately, the answer man is graduating this spring. The next step for Frankie is transitioning into a new job. His future dream job would be one where he can create spaces and opportunities for leaders to be developed. He would like to be in that job for the next 5-10 years.

For example, Frankie would want to work in an environment where he is planning and developing other leaders such as The Catalyst Leadership Conference or other leadership events. Then, he would like to return back to the higher education setting to not only get his Master’s degree, but possibly work at a university where he can develop leaders there as well. Frankie’s goal there would be to create an environment to stimulate growth for the students.

He definitely has learned a lot along the way for him to get to the point of his dream job. Part of that learning process has definitely come from being on SBLC. One of the things Frankie has learned is you have to be flexible. If you cannot roll with changes that happen in this industry is not for you. On the other hand, Frankie expresses that being an assistant he learned the times where he had to be rigid and stick to “his guns” as well. Being an assistant, Frankie learned to be humble and a support system to higher up leaders. In nutshell, Frankie puts it this way, “I learned how to follow and I learned how to lead”.


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Frankie Cunningham




3 Responses to “Personal Profile – Frankie Cunningham”

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  2. kewood10 November 15, 2010 at 11:19 pm #

    Ha, YAY Frankie He’s the man! I really have a lot of respect for him being so involved. I don’t know how it does it all. It was nice to see all you had to say about him. He really seems to have a joy for what he does. Campus life wouldn’t be the same without him!

  3. rmlaflam November 16, 2010 at 1:07 am #

    Elaine, this post was really well written! I loved reading it. Although I’ve never worked directly under Frankie, I’ve witnessed some of his leadership and he definitely seems to know exactly what all is going on and he has the rare, but beautiful gift of humility. Which really is hard to find in some great leaders today. I like how this was written more as a “story” or analysis of Frankie’s leadership and obstacles that brought him to where he is today, rather than the question/answer format that some interviews tend to fall under. This post is also really encouraging for anyone who is considering being involved in student life in some capacity. It really does develop great leadership skills!

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