In the Biz..

6 Nov

Week 11 TOW 2322

Listen to at least one hour of PR/marketing podcasts (such as For Immediate ReleaseInside PRThe Creative CareerComing Up PRTrafcom News or Marketing Over Coffee). Briefly summarize what you heard. Discuss how listening to PR podcasts can benefit PR students or new PR practitioners.

The two podcasts I chose to listen to was Marketing Over Coffee and The Creative Career. Both of these podcasts gave great insights into the public relations world. The Creative Career podcast was an interview of Catherine Hudson who is the Co-founder of Shorty Clothing. Marketing Over Coffee was more an answer question podcast from domain name advice to how to market in the game world. Out of the two, I really enjoyed listening to the interview more because she talks about her story from college to now being the co-founder of a company.

The number one thing for her was to know what you want and go after it. Plus, building a great network of people is very important. But, you have to weed it out from people that are sayers and people who are doers. There is no time to waste in the business world. Today, there are so many social networking tools out there that really there is not an excuse not to keep in touch with people after you meet them. Even now, people meet their future spouse online before meeting them in person.

The number one piece of advice form both of these podcasts was have a team around you. By yourself, the chances of you getting a vision or task done is much more minimal than if you have a great team around you in order for the vision to grow. A great way to find expand the vision is to network with other business owners in the same industry. Yes, they create competition which is good, but also partnering together can pull in a larger pool of customers.


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