Distributing News to the Media

7 Nov

Chapter 10 Reading Notes COMM 4333

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Media Databases

  1. Names of Publications and broadcast stations – places that get the word out to the masses.
  2. Mailing addresses – long lists of names and where to place the mail.
  3. Telephone and fax numbers – easy ways to call or quickly send over papers.
  4. E-mail addresses – electronic paper being sent back and forth.
  5. Names of key editors and reporters – great contact list of people to report and deliver the media message.

Main Databases

  1. Newspapers and Magazines – written word of media
  2. Radio/TV/Cable – gets the word out fast about what is going on. You can either hear it, hear it and see it, or just have basic cable which is hearing and seeing still.
  3. Internet Media – these are all your online media coverage. From CNN updates or even hulu or other forms of media.
  • Editorial Calendars – trade publications and business periodicals.
  • Tip Sheets – find media personnel in material.

Distribution of Materials

  • E-mail – in subject line use key words, and put useful information not contact numbers at the beginning of a news release.
  • Online Newsrooms – contact information, corporate background, news releases and media kits, multimedia gallery, and search capability.
  • Electronic Wire Services – photos through electronic wire services.
  • Cost – national distribution of a basic news release was about $600.
  • Feature Placement Firms – mat releases, camera ready art, repro proof and paste it into the newspaper layout.

Fax on Demand – reporter calls an 800 number and through a series of custom-designed prompts, ask for various organizational materials to be sent by fax.

Fax machine is a good way to send media advisories and ground breaking news releases.

Mail or snail mail is used to distribute publicity materials.

Online newsrooms are a primary source for journalist to seek stories.

Think like an editor and make sure you use AP style with short snappy headlines.


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