10 Ways PR Professionals Drive Journalist Crazy

12 Nov

Week 13 TOW COMM 4333

Working either alone or in a group of no more than three, create a list of at least 10 ways that PR people can sometimes drive journalists crazy. After each item on the list, indicate what the PR person could/should do instead.

  1. Public relations professionals don’t give enough proof or information to journalists for them to write a story. Give journalists the details they need to write the story.
  2. Public relations professionals don’t always give journalists reliable stories. Please do not say there is some story when in the end as a public relations professional you are just wasting the journalist time or stalling them.
  3. Public relations professionals use different writing techniques than journalists. Ex. hype words Try to avoid words that are to just get people’s attention or make a story appear better than it is in real life. Please stick to the facts.
  4. Journalists are bombarded by public relations professional’s e-mails to get things published or written about in the media. Actually, get to know the journalist and only send the stories you know will get published. Do not send them al the time that when they see something from you they delete it automatically.
  5. Public relations professionals need to get their junk together. If they are including pictures, then actually attach the pictures. Journalists hate to follow a paper trail.
  6. Public relations professionals always ask, “Why didn’t my story get covered?” Journalists are trying to find what is newsworthy. If your story did not get published, then too bad. Stop asking them to explain.
  7. Public relations professionals twist story like they are trying to sell their story. Keep the story to the facts and let that sell it to the pubic.
  8. Journalists can never get a hold of public relations professionals. When journalists call public relations professionals, they are never available. If you are always calling journalist, then the least you can do is pick up the phone.
  9. Journalist do not want public relations professional gifts. Don’t send gifts to journalists because sometimes its annoying and it looks like a bargain.
  10. Deadlines!! They do exist and journalists want public relations professionals to stick to them.


3 Responses to “10 Ways PR Professionals Drive Journalist Crazy”

  1. sammooty November 18, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    Mandee this video was hilarious! I really liked the way that they played on the mac/pc spoof. It was really cute and the stuff they were saying was points we brought up in class. They way they poke fun at one another is perfect. I think this video needs to be used when classes from next semester are talking about pr vs. journalism. I wonder how they came up with this sketch. Also what you talked about was wonderful, I think you had great points and you really brought the points across. I love the way the video says that they were meant to be together. Without one or the other it wouldn’t work. Great Post!

    • dcmoceri November 19, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

      Wow. This is seriously funny. The music playing the background is the best, because it sounds just like the music on the PC versus Mac commercials. It was really well done and honestly, pretty clever. I agree with Sam that they should show it in class. Where did you find it by the way? It’s true, the relationship between a PR professional and a journalist can be a tricky one. I was wondering, which field exactly are you looking to get into? Are you interested in PR more or journalism? So, I guess what I’m really wondering is which character are you?


  1. Blog Comments Comm 2322 « Sam Mooty Fall 2010 PR Blog - November 18, 2010

    […] I found this article here. […]

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