Crisis Communication

13 Nov

Week 12 TOW COMM 2322

Based on what you learned in this week’s class discussions and lecture on Public Relations During Times of Crisis, write a blog post about some aspect of crisis communication.

If you have a company, then please do not be naive enough to think that crisis will not happen to your company. There are steps that need to be in place before crisis even happens. Below are some great tips and steps of what to do when crisis comes your way.

  1. Create a Crisis team before then crisis even happens. The persons that are usually on that team are the organization’s CEO, public relations professional, legal personnel, head managers of the departments, and financial professionals as well.
  2. Know who will be your spokesperson. Just have one person be that spokesperson.
  3. Make sure the spokesperson is well trained and knows how to respond to questions and scenarios.
  4. Know the flow of communication to your departments when the crisis happens and how to respond.
  5. Even prepare statements for all kinds of crises that may arise. i.e. natural disasters, sudden death of a CEO, etc.
  6. Pick what the key message your organization is trying to get across to the public during that time.
  7. Ride the storm out. It will pass over. Take it a day at a time and keep on the upward side of things as hard as it may be try to remain positive.
  8. Rebuild once again. Create something new for the public to think about instead of whatever happened.
  9. Promote a new image again. This is an opportunity to go back to the basics and promote a new image once again.
  10. Take responsibility and be honest with the public. Do not try to cover anything up. It will only make matters worse. Why have a crisis on your hands and then add even more on top.

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