Tapping the Web and New Media

14 Nov

Chapter 12 Reading Notes COMM 4333

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

The Internet: Pervasive in Our Lives (1960 used by academic researchers. 1990 public use)

  • Media is centralized having a topdown hierarchy.
  • It costs a lot of money to become a publisher.
  • It is staffed by professional gatekeepers known as editors and publishers.
  • It features mostly one way communication with limited feedback channels.

Mediasphere and blogosphere – widespread broadband, cheap/free, easy to use online publishing tools, new distribution tools, new distribution channels, mobile devices and new advertising paradigms.

The World Wide Web

  • You can update information quickly
  • It allows interactivity where viewers can ask questions about products or services, download information of value to them and let the organization know what they think.
  • Online readers can dig deeper into subjects that interest them by linking to information provided on other sites, other articles and sources.
  • Writing for the web – define objective of the site, design with audience in mind, update constantly.

Building Effective Websites

  1. Must have vision of how you want the organization to be perceived by the public.
  2. You need a copywriter to write the text.
  3. You need a graphic artist to add the visual element.
  4. You need a computer programer to put ideas together in HTML code for the Internet.

Making the Site Interactive

  • Hyperlinks
  • Search engines
  • Tracking site visitors
  • ROI (Return on Investment) – compare the cost of the website to how such functions would be done by other means.

The Basics of Webcasting – website is enhanced and supplemented by using webcasts. (90% companies use them)

  1. Minimize fasts movements and significant screen shifts.
  2. Emphasize strong foreground images and avoid shadows.
  3. Tiny details are often lost through digital encoding: provide sharp, clean screens.
  4. Audio should be clean and without the clutter of distracting background noise.

The Explosion of Blogs

  • Almost anyone can create it.
  • Start up costs are minimal.
  • Material can be updates and changed instantly.
  • Gives an organization an outlet to participate in the online dialogue already being said in other blogs and message board.

All other forms of social media.


One Response to “Tapping the Web and New Media”

  1. Chad November 19, 2010 at 10:14 pm #

    Hello Elaine,

    This quote of yours speak great truth about blogging:

    “3.EDIT!! Editing is so important. Ask another person to look over your work to spell check it.”

    Editing your work prior to going public with it can literally make or break your credibility. If people see that you either don’t care enough to or that you aren’t intelligent enough to notice the error(s) within your blog.

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