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1 Dec

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December 1, 2010 10:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Giant Gingerbread House Makes Millions for Children’s Hospital

LAKELAND-–-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Samantha Jones creator of the officially 16 foot tall gingerbread house was able to auction it off at the Creation For The Cure Event put on by the Student Body Leadership Council (SBLC) at Southeastern University for 1.5 million dollars to the National Art Museum in Tampa, Fla.

What drives a person to make a 16 foot high gingerbread house? This stay at home mother of two believes it is better to give than to receive. After surviving cancer at the age of 11, Jones has always wanted to not only give back to the men and women that helped her through this journey, but advance cancer research as well.

Jones explains, “I remember as a young child the sleepless nights because I never knew if I would see the next day. I want to give these children hope that they will see the next day and wake up one day in their own home.” Thousands of eyes watched as Jones unveiled the giant gingerbread house at the Creation For The Cure Auction.

According to best friend, Amanda Young, “Samantha spent over eight weeks to complete this task along with raising a family and much more.” Jones created this giant gingerbread house in their guesthouse where she also has her in home business as a wedding consultant.

Samantha Jones is a well-known wedding consultant in Orlando, Fla. who plans over 30 weddings a year with any budget. To look at her most recent weddings please visit


Samantha Jones


Smart Multimedia Gallery





A loving act to advance research for cancer patients with special thanks to SBLC for putting on the event Creation For The Cure and all the attendees who came to the auction.

SBLC is Southeastern University’s student body leadership council based out of Lakeland, Fla that links Southeastern University students to administration and the surrounding community. They are the students that not only put on events, but share the student body’s voice as well.



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