Southeastern University Student Leaders Travel to Honduras

20 Jan

The Southeastern University Student Body Leadership Council (SBLC) traveled to Honduras for five days over their Christmas break on January 5th to January 10th 2011.  What a great way to start the New Year. The team of 15 partnered with Compassion Alliance a missions organization on the ground in Honduras. This trip is the first overseas trip the SBLC team has taken together and for some on the team it was their first trip overseas.

Once in country, the SBLC team met up with Compassion Alliance missionary, Clay Powell who is an alumni of Southeastern University. Clay Powell has been in Honduras for the past couple of years building a church and has become fluent in Spanish. In Honduras, the team worked with the school, built barbwire fences, dug trenches for running water to flow from the creek to the house, and worked on the fish farm. Out of all these tasks, Southeastern University Director of Activities, Hillary DeMeo, describes, “My most memorable experience is working on the fish farm with Salu one of the nationals and being able to leave them in better shape.” Salu is the 24-year-old headman who runs the fish farm. He has a wife and two kids who moved from the slums of Honduras to the fish farm. 

The team went to slums in Honduras as well to pass out candy and partnered with the church there by praying with the people. The churches in the slum area pass out food, clothes, and money to help these people that have no hope. There are not any schools in the slums and many young ladies get pregnant so young. The mindset in Honduras as DeMeo explains is, “The people in Honduras only think for the here and now.” The majority of people are not saving money or thinking about retirement. However, as a whole they are very hardworking people, but they only take it a day at a time. For example, they only get enough food for one day.

The culture in Honduras is not the hustle and bustle we would find in the United States of America.  It is very relaxed.  Some of the sites that the team saw was there is poverty right next to these beautiful mansions. There would be these gorgeous mansions built onto the mountains and then the slums would be right next to them. Plus, they observed that the government is not something the people rely on at all. In fact, families are what the Honduras people rely on to survive. The families’ stick together and often all stay in the same house as well. Not only are the families very close, but the communities are tightly knit together as well.

This trip to Honduras could be become as tradition for the Student Body Leadership Council. It is not only an amazing opportunity for the student leaders to go overseas and gain experience, but also go and serve the people in Honduras in order to just be a blessing to them and show the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived out as well. DeMeo puts it this way, “It is a great place to take the SBLC group where they can not only work but connect with people.” Whether it is Honduras or somewhere else this team may go, the student body leadership council group will never forget the trip to Honduras. For some of them this is a milestone marker. From working on the fish farm to being baptized in the rivers all in all it was a special time as a group. Welcome back to the United States SBLC.



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