Student Life Mixer Event

27 Jan

It is that time of year again at Southeastern University were all student life begins the application process for next year’s future student leaders. Tonight, January 27th, 2011 was the Student Life Mixer where all applicants came to meet the current student life team to ask questions, meet fellow applicants, hear from the current directors and staff of student life and enjoy some good food.

There were about 100 applicants that showed up for tonight’s mixer who are looking to apply for Student Body Leadership Council (SBLC), Resident Life, Department of Spiritual Formation (DSF), or First Year Experience (FYE). Together all of these positions make up Student Life at Southeastern University.

As Gracey Hulbert, Southeastern University’s Student Body Vice President explains, “Student Life is not just about this department, or that department, but working together as a whole team to serve the students.”

For instance, SBLC is the part of student life that puts on multiple events throughout the whole year. This part of Student Life is run by Hillary DeMeo, Director of Activities. These events vary from production events, experience events, and so many more. For example, SBLC is in charge of producing all the events of student orientation every fall and spring semester. That week of orientation has five events that happen every night of the week such as Battle of Dorms where each dorm competes against one another in various elements. Not only does SBLC put on events, they are bridging the gap between students and administration. One way that SBLC closes that gap is through Senate. Senate is the place where students can vocalize their opinion, concerns and thoughts.

Another part of Student Life that applicants could be apart of is Resident Life. Resident Life consists of seven Resident Directors and then those Resident Directors have Resident Assistants (RAs) and community leaders (CLs). These student leaders are the ones that live right along side Southeastern University students day in and day out. They are on 24 hour call from hospital runs, office hours, to just living college life together. Resident Life student leaders are responsible for not only the residents in their halls, but creating and building community amongst their peers.

The last two pieces of the puzzle is Department of Spiritual Formation (DSF) and First Year Experience (FYE) both under Director of Spiritual Formation Charlie Dawes. These two parts of Student Life create opportunities for students to go deeper in their relationship with God. DSF is responsible for events such as Worship on a Canvas where students can come and express their art creatively. On the other hand, FYE is for all Freshman to get to not only meet other Freshman, but have a core group to get plugged in with right off the bat and grow spiritually together.

At the end of the night, the applicants were split up into groups according to the position that they were seeking. Then, they were given a task to complete an event that would require them to not only work together as a team, but also have to complete it without a budget. It was such a great mixer where each department had the opportunity to explain to the applicants what it was about. In between each blurb from the various departments, applicants would mingle with one another and  current student leaders as well as enjoy some great food.

Thank you to all applicants that are looking to be servant leaders. I like how Ray Allen put it, “You are a student leader whether you have a title or not. If you are here for a title, then there is the door.” This is not something taken lightly. To be a student leader is to be a servant to serve others before yourself. Thank you all so much for coming!


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