Southeastern University QEP

3 Feb

SEU Students

It is that time for Southeastern University. Southeastern University has their SACS accreditation coming this spring semester 2011. “SACS” is The Commission on Colleges of The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It is very important for Southeastern University to pass their SACS accreditation because it gives the school its regional accreditation which then plays into being able to have federal financial aid as well.

In order for Southeastern University to pass the SACS accreditation, the administration developed a quality enhancement plan (QEP). The quality enhancement plan that Southeastern University developed is think it, link it, and live it; Transforming minds and engaging culture.

Breaking down the think it, link it, live it, let’s start with “think it.” Think it means as Dr. Waddell explained in chapel, “The students at Southeastern University will be able to think critically about a Christian worldview.” Southeastern University is equipping students to be able to intellectually engage with other world views.

The next part of Southeastern University’s quality enhancement plan is link it. Link it means that the students will be able to “Demonstrate awareness of personal gifts, calling, and temperament,” describes Southeastern administration. Southeastern University is a great place for students to take the time to uncover what exactly it is that God has gifted them to do and go from there to fulfill that calling.

SBLC member in Honduras helping in the Kitchen

Lastly, the third side of the triangle that makes up the QEP is live it. This part means that the students at Southeastern University can practice engaging the culture around them. One way that Southeastern University has engaged their culture is through the arts. Every year, the communications department has offered the course Dance and each semester these students have their dance showcase which minsters to hundreds of people on and off campus. Moreover, the Student Body Leadership Council went to Honduras and helped build fences for the fish farm, dig trenches to provides running water to the home, and partner with the surrounding churches to reach the people.

Graphic designer of QEP logo, Daniel Barcelo

Plus, Southeastern University student, Daniel Barcelo, is the graphic designer that created all the graphics and logo for the quality enhancement plan. His design is showed on the T-shirts, signs, etc that made the marketing possible. The best part about Southeastern University is the students. What better way to involve the students, then to have a student design the graphics for QEP.

This QEP involves everyone at Southeastern University. From spreading the word in chapel, t-shirts, A-frame signs, water bottles and so much more, the students at Southeastern University have really embraced the QEP of Think It. Link It. Live It: Transforming minds and engaging culture. Southeastern University is excited to not only have the QEP in place, but also their new President Dr. Ingle. What better timing for all of this to come together and continue on the vision of Southeastern University for many more years to come.


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