Trash Mountain Project revisits Building Location in Dominican Republic

17 Feb

Picture living as a family that eats, sleeps, works, and dies in a trash dump for their entire life. The trash dumps are a place of no hope or vision. One man saw this need and decided something needed to be done about it. 

What is Trash Mountain Project? “The Trash Mountain Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded by Brett & Jaelle Durbin after a trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras in November of 2008. While filming a documentary about families living in the neighboring trash dump community, each felt a call to completely focus on raising awareness and action for children and families in trash dump communities throughout the world.”

The trash dumps are a place where there is gang violence, sex trafficking, disease and death. A trash dump community would be defined as the families that live in the direct area around the trash dump. For example, children die from getting run over by the trash trucks that plow trash thru the dumps or from having trash dumped on them. The gang violence contributes to these deaths with territory battles and trafficking of drugs and people. The trash dumps also have many chemicals in the air that are dangerous to inhale because some of them come from medical waste.

The Trash Mountain Project team went to Santiago, Dominican Republic on February 10th to 15th with a team of dentists and assistants from Topeka, Kansas to not only bring dental healthcare, but also to see the final building project and wire the project with internet.

“The building project was a huge success because it extends the after school program for the children in the trash dump community,” explains Missions Director Jon DeMeo.

Completed Building Project

The contact that Trash Mountain Project partnered with in Santiago was with Director of Kids With a Hope, Pablo.  Kids With a Hope is a ministry that gets kids off of the trash dumps and into an after school program. This after school program provides the kids with a nutritious meal to ensure proper health. Plus, Kids With a Hope includes Bible training, computer training, and various safe play areas. This completed building project extended the classrooms wing by one floor. Thank you to the team and supporters that made this trip possible. It truly makes a difference.

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