Financial Peace Seminar at Oasis Community Church

24 Feb

Barb Duncan, Financial Peace University Facilitator

Need to figure out how to pay off debt, student loans or handle your money better? If you said yes to any of these questions, then consider going to the 13-week course offered at Oasis Community Church here in Lakeland, FL called Financial Peace University Seminar by Dave Ramsey.

Financial Peace University Attendees

“Financial Peace University teaches you how to make the right decisions with your money and empowers you with the practical skills and confidence needed to achieve your financial goals and experience true financial peace!”

This seminar is open to singles, couples, or people who just want to learn how to manage their money. The 13-week course started on February 10, 2011 and is transforming lives in the process. It will not always be the easiest task, but in the end it is definitely worth having that peace of mind that the finances are under control.

Financial Peace University Text

“Oasis decided to offer the course because knowing how to manage your money well honors God,” explains Barb Duncan, Financial Peace University Facilitator. Duncan not only went through this course before, but also completed the Good Sense class as well.

Originally, Oasis Community Church offered the financial class called Good Sense, but now transitioned over to Financial Peace University created by renowned speaker and author Dave Ramsey. This seminar is the first time Oasis Community Church has offered it where the group meets every Thursday night. Around 50 people are enrolled in the class.

The format of the series is watching the video material of Dave Ramsey speaking on the various categories dealing with money and then the whole group breaks into four smaller groups. Each small group has a discussion leader that prompts conversations and concerns from group members. The small group settings provide a safe environment for group members to talk about their financial difficulties and find solutions or develop a plan to solve these problems. It also is a great place to network and have accountability through the course.

Video Section

“We chose to come to Financial Peace University because we had to get a focus on our money, make goals and find accountability,” says Mary Galletta, attendee of Financial Peace University.

The best advice that couples can adhere to is using the envelope system. The envelope system is where you allot x amount of money for each envelope. Every envelope is marked for different needs such as a food envelope, a gas envelope, a rent envelope, etc. The catch is you can only spend the money allotted into each envelope for that purpose and not pull money from any other envelope. If you follow this system, then you should not overspend.

Review Discussion“Sit down and figure out a budget showing where every dollar is to go before the month starts. If you are married get on the same page,” expresses Duncan.

Small Group Setting

One of the hottest issues that couples fight about is money. It is so important to lay out all the bills to see what is needing to be paid every month. The best way to keep a budget is to show where to spend each dollar before the month begins. This way when the end of the month comes you are not wondering where all the money went.

“Live like no one else now, and you will live like no one else later,” says Dave Ramsey. The best advice is to have a plan. Without a plan, the snowball effect of continually spending money is bound to happen. Finances are always a part of life, so come and learn how to use the tools where you can win in your finances.



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