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A Night with Mark Lowry!!

11 Dec
Come enjoy an evening of laughter and song with comedian Mark Lowry!

This event is a fundraiser for the Department of Communication, with proceeds going toward future film, radio, television and theatre productions.

Tickets cost $25 for orchestra and loge seating; $15 for mezzanine and balcony seating. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more.

For more information and to buy tickets, call the Southeastern University Box Office at 863-669-4010; or visit the Arts and Events Calendar at to purchase tickets online.

Mark Lowry is a Christian artist and comedian who has made people laugh, cry and think for nearly 40 years. He has sung and recorded albums and videos since age 11 and sang the baritone part in the Gaither Vocal Band for 13 years.

Lowry’s antics on stage with Bill Gaither were an instant hit with Vocal Band audiences, and their comedy became the highlight of the evening when the Homecoming tour was born. Mark has been featured on almost all of the Gaither Homecoming videos – now numbering more than 100 – often in the co-hosting role with Bill.

In 1984, his status as a songwriter was established with the song “Mary, Did You Know?” His song has become a modern Christmas standard recorded by more than 30 artists including Michael English, Kathy Mattea, Kenny Rogers, Wynonna Judd, Billy Dean, Natalie Cole, Donnie Osmond and Clay Aiken.


Personal Profile – Frankie Cunningham

5 Nov

Frankie Cunningham: Answer Central

It has been said if you look at a person’s work desk then you are really looking at the person’s work method. How organized or unorganized the desk may be, it shows a pretty good reflection of a person’s work methods as well. Some people will leave a huge stack of disheveled papers on their desk and think that is ok to do. One the other hand, there are desks where everything has its place. I would say Frankie Cunningham is the latter of the two. He is a very organized and detailed oriented leader, which makes him thrive in the position of Lead Project Manager of the Student Body Leadership Council (SBLC) under the Campus Activities Department at Southeastern University.

Frankie first heard about SBLC from a friend when he entered Southeastern University as a freshman. He joined as a committee member and loved being apart of putting on the events. The following year, he applied for the assistant position and unfortunately did not get it at first. However, there were a few drop offs from the team and Frankie’s luck changed. He was accepted to be the assistant. From there, he learned how to not only put on events, but develop other leaders.

This position he is currently in is Lead Project Manager. This position has opened up a great opportunity for Frankie to be a developer instead of just planning events. In the two years that Frankie has been apart of SBLC, he has put on 17-20 events where he was there from the beginning to end. Plus, Frankie has overseen 25-30 events in the past two years being on SBLC.

Onlookers used to see Frankie as an OCD person. Little did they know that really what they saw as OCD was the strength that made all these events possible for those same people. Frankie explained his journey as one of a constant process. When he was younger, he really was OCD. As he allowed other higher leaders pour into his life, those extreme tendencies came to a happy medium of being detailed oriented. That is one of the primary reasons he wants to be able to call out others strengths as well and work or their weakness in a healthy environment.

Now Frankie is known as the “Answer Man”. If you need an answer about SBLC or even other events, then go to Frankie. He is your answer man. Unfortunately, the answer man is graduating this spring. The next step for Frankie is transitioning into a new job. His future dream job would be one where he can create spaces and opportunities for leaders to be developed. He would like to be in that job for the next 5-10 years.

For example, Frankie would want to work in an environment where he is planning and developing other leaders such as The Catalyst Leadership Conference or other leadership events. Then, he would like to return back to the higher education setting to not only get his Master’s degree, but possibly work at a university where he can develop leaders there as well. Frankie’s goal there would be to create an environment to stimulate growth for the students.

He definitely has learned a lot along the way for him to get to the point of his dream job. Part of that learning process has definitely come from being on SBLC. One of the things Frankie has learned is you have to be flexible. If you cannot roll with changes that happen in this industry is not for you. On the other hand, Frankie expresses that being an assistant he learned the times where he had to be rigid and stick to “his guns” as well. Being an assistant, Frankie learned to be humble and a support system to higher up leaders. In nutshell, Frankie puts it this way, “I learned how to follow and I learned how to lead”.


Contact Information:

Frankie Cunningham



Fall Fest!

28 Oct

Fall Fest just happened this evening, Thursday, October 28, 2010, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event was open to Southeastern University students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community of Lakeland. When you first arrive at the new location on campus, the new parking lot and intramural field, there is a white tent set up for admission of $3 and then they take your picture.

One of the fun things to do for Fall Fest is dress up in a costume. Or for some college students who do not have extra money, they can come as a college student. There were some very creative costumes there tonight. From the Grinch that Stole Christmas with the Who villagers to the Chilean miners that were rescued to a Barbie in the plastic box.

There were awards for best costumes for the categories single, couple and group. The single one went to a guy dressed up as Jack Sparrow from the movie the Pirates of the Caribbean. The couple went to a couple dressed as a Droid and a iTouch. The group one went to the Grinch that Stole Christmas. There were some great costume ideas that showed up at Fall Fest tonight.

This event had multiple stations with many different games to play like a carnival. There was a dunk tank, snow cones, cotton candy, bake goods, fire pits with hay barrels to make s’mores, bounce houses and much more. It was a great night of competition from pumpkin carving to egg toss just to name a few.

My favorite part of the night was the hay ride. I went on it twice. They would take us all over the school grounds. It could seat about 20 people. Overall, it was a great night and very well planned. They even had a station that supplied just bug spray if the mosquitoes were bothering you. Looking forward to it next year.

Southwest Airlines

25 Oct

I would like to open this post by saying that Southwest has saved me hundreds of dollars over the past four years. I wish I would have signed up as a frequent flyer because maybe by now I could have enough points to get me a free flight. From traveling back and forth between Fla. and Penn. as a college student, I have been able to learn the art of packing those two bags. But, on Southwest flights those two bags fly free!

Their marketing slogan is “More than a Way to Fly, A Way of Life”. Especially, with the turn of the economy, I would think people would want to be more frugal with their money. On the other hand, if you have to fly somewhere to the west coast, Southwest does not fly to those areas. Recently, they bought out AirTran Airlines.

A great way to learn about all the upcoming events and promotions Southwest Airlines is doing just click here. From giving back to their community to excellent customer care service, all around I have had a great experience with Southwest Airlines. If you have flown with Southwest before, then you may have experienced the upbeat employees and funny jokes the captain will make over the intercom.

Some people specifically do not like to fly Southwest because there are no official seating arrangements. Instead, they call up boarding by letters. Then, you stand next to the corresponding number on those metal columns. However, we all know we will get on the flight and people will generally switch a seat with you, so that a couple can sit next to each other.

Personally, not having assigned seats does not bother me because then I have the chance to possibly have no one next to me and enjoy the extra room. I understand, on the other hand, that you can also end up sitting in a middle seat and all mystery is not so fun anymore. But, if that is your biggest concern, then I would rather pay less money for a flight, have my bags fly free and enjoy the excellent customer care service, then to have an assigned seat.

10 Tips that Make a Feature Story Compelling

21 Oct

PR Connection 4333

If you are like me and have never written a feature story before until this class, then finding great information on how to write a compelling feature story is your life line. That and also going to class. Let’s just start with the basics. What is a feature story?

According to the Business Directory a feature story is a “Non-time bound publicity material that can be used by the media at their convenience. It is presented usually as a human interest story and has more background information than a news release”. These stories can be pretty much about any topic within the bounds that many people would take interest in reading it.

Some topics to consider when writing your feature story could be writing a profile story about what someone did in the community or on a large scale. Maybe write about an event, exotic foods, favorite automobiles. It just needs to be “appealing and generally persuasive” (Ehow).

Here are the top 10 tips that make a feature story compelling:

  1. Look at other feature stories to get an idea of the style of writing and language usage.
  2. Brainstorm the topics and discuss them with other people to see if any of the topics grab their attention.
  3. Preparation, preparation, preparation. Make sure you collect and identify all your sources and information correctly. Otherwise, if you have plagiarized the paper it is not good to anyone and only hurts yourself.
  4. Come up with a creative headline. These are nice and short.
  5. Use active voice!
  6. Be culturally relative. Do not use any racial language or touch on sensitive issues. i.e. religion, culture, race.
  7. Humanize the story by adding in quotes.
  8. List tips by bullets points not numbers that can become overwhelming for the reader visually.
  9. Add pictures or graphics!
  10. Go out with a bang! Have a strong ending by giving out the facts!

Now you are ready to sit down and start writing your feature story. Wish you all the best!


Business Directory



Catalyst Leadership Conference

12 Oct

PR Connection 4333

This year Catalyst Leadership Conference was held in Atlanta, GA on October 6-8 where leaders from all over the world come to glean wisdom and knowledge from some of the most innovative speakers. This was my first year to go and I am still so excited!

It was an amazing opportunity to hear over 15 different speakers from Andy Stanley to Beth Moore to T.D. Jakes and many more. The theme of this Catalyst Leadership Conference was Tension is Good. They had the whole audience of 13,000 people shoot a rubber band in the air to show that with tension it launches further. Likewise, when there is tension there is a point of growth that can launch you out.

One of my favorite pieces of information that I heard was from T.D. Jakes about being a leader. A leader is out leading the crowd on the front lines. Being out front makes it easier for other people to shoot at you from all sides. There will always be people that like what you are doing as a leader and people who dislike what you are doing as a leader. Regardless, the leader must still step out and lead because you cannot play it safe because the world is waiting on you.

Plus, I really enjoyed that Catalyst Leadership Conference gave the platform for raising human trafficking awareness. Christine Caine the founder of A21 Campaign told a story that when her group was able to rescue a woman from human trafficking that the woman’s response was, “Why didn’t you come sooner?” Christine Caine realized in that moment that there was no reason of why she could not have come sooner because the other things in life are not more important than rescuing other people.

Lastly, being a communication student I understood what a honored all of us Catalyst attendees had when we saw William Wallace who came on opening day of his movie The Secretariat which was October 8th, 2010. He was also the director of the movie Braveheart and many other must see movies.


30 Sep

PR Connection 4333

Tonight is the last night of this three day spiritual conference at Southeastern University called Fire Fall. This conference’s speakers were Goodie Goodloe from Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, Calif. and Jeff Countryman Youth Pastor at Victory Church in Lakeland, Fla. Goodie Goodloe was the morning speaker and Jeff Countryman was the evening speaker. Both of these men brought forth powerful messages. From inspiring messages such as, “Your test can become your testimony” to “Do you spend as much time with God as you do in the mirror.”

My favorite part about Fire Fall was the baptisms. If you have never been baptized you should really consider it because all baptism is is an expression of surrender and acknowledging Jesus’ death on the cross, being raised from the dead and making you new again. As the worship band was playing the song that said, “You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of dust. You make beautiful things, you make beautiful things out of us” the screens would show live footage of students being baptized in the Sportsplex’s pool.  It was such an amazing experience as you could hear the crowd cheer for the people being baptized. To top it off, Jeff Countryman did a human video to the music artist Carmen’s song “Champion” at the end of Fire Fall.

This year was the first year I was able to attend Fire Fall and really enjoyed the conference. It is such a great opportunity to not only earn the prized chapel credits that students need, but to glean wisdom and knowledge from the speakers and your peers. The department DSF (Discipleship and Spiritual Formation) put together great stations at the beginning of each service from hand washing, to seed planting of dreams, to live artist painting, to journal writings and many more stations and displays.